Middle West Ohio Music Teacher Association

Middle West Ohio Music Teacher Association

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Middle West District Programs
(2018 - 2019)

"Catherine Rollin Workshop Planning" 
September 4  - 9:45 a.m. - Noon (Hostess:  Vicki Jeannine Zwiebel)

We will focus on planning details for the Catherine Rollin Workshop.

"Catherine Rollin Workshop"
September 29 - 9:00am - Noon (Ohio Northern University, Ada)

Catherine will present two topics: "Bridging the Gap from Methods to Masterworks" and "The Magic of Imagery" in Snyder Recital Hall in Presser Hall.

"MED Harmonization and Technique"
November 6 - 9:45am - Noon (Hostess: Dee Fisher)

Learn more about preparing students for the technique and harmonization stations at Music Evaluation Day.  Annette Hoverman and Jeannine Zwiebel will lead the program. This meeting will be held at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in  Van Wert.

"Improvising Accompaniments by Ear"
March 5 - 9:45am - Noon (Hostess:  Phil & Krysti Schey)

Philip Schey will help us learn some basic principles of arranging and accompanying by ear using knowledge of chord progressions and a variety of accompaniment techniques.  Useful for improvising impromptu church arrangements, reading chord charts, or accompanying singers without sheet music.  

"Being a Church Musician: Both Traditional and Contemporary Styles of Music"
April 2 - 9:45am - Noon (Hostess: Annette Hoverman)

Dee Fisher, a church musician for 46 years, shares her thoughts, insights, and investigations into the role of the musician at church.

"Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize"
May 7 - 9:45am - noon (Hostess: Elesha Wey - Old Barn Out Back)

Do we want students who leave our studio as musicians who are able to approach a variety of music competently on their own or do we want an impressive sounding piece twice a year at recitals?  Both are possible, but thinking long-term informs the short-term process.  Elesha Wey will lead our discussion.  Lunch at the Old Barn Out Back to follow.

Calendar Overview (2018 - 2019)


4     Middle West District Meeting
29  Duettist Competition registration deadline (to Kathy Jendrusik)
29  Catherine Rollin Workshop, Ohio Northern University


     No Middle West District Meeting this month
18-20  OhioMTA State Conference, Cleveland
20   Ribbon Festival Registration Deadline (to Paula Deardurff)
27   Duettist Competition - Ohio Northern University


6    Middle West District Meeting
17  Ribbon Festival - Bluffton University






23    Music Evaluation Day Registration Deadline (to Karen Heath)


5    Middle West District Meeting
16 - 20   MTNA National Conference  Baltimore, Maryland
23   Music Evaluation Day, Bluffton University
TBA  Buckeye Auditions registration deadline (to Marilyn Alessandrini)


1    Deadline for District Scholarship Application
2   Middle West District meeting
TBA  Buckeye Auditions - OSU/Lima


7  Middle West District Meeting