Middle West Ohio Music Teacher Association

Middle West Ohio Music Teacher Association

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Middle West District Programs
(2017 - 2018)

"Conference Planning" 
September 5  - 9:45 a.m. - Noon (Hostess:  Vicki Mills)

Conference planning will be our focus for this meeting. We need the help of each member to make this Conference a success!

"Comference Planning"
October 3 - 9:45am - Noon (Niswonger Performing Arts Center)

We will be meeting at the site of the State Conference to finalize plans and attend to any last minute details.

"Bartok Teaching Pieces: Mikrokosmos"
November 7 - 9:45am - Noon (Hostess: Krysti & Philip Schey)

Stephanie Titus will be our guest presenter.  From note-reading, hand independence, habits of finding patterns and motivic relationships, to an introduction to less-standard notation and harmonic possibilities, Bartok's progressive and highly pedagogical set of pieces offer a wealth of learning and teaching opportunities for students of a wide range of abilities and background. 

"Technique - Developing the Tools for Success"
March 6 - 9:45am - Noon (Hostess:  Shirley McPherson)

Annette Hoverman will be leading our discussion:  How important a solid technical foundation is in developing pianists!  Come learn and share the secrets in developing great technique for students of all ages.  

"Pupil Savers"
April 3 - 9:45am - Noon (Rockport United Methodist Church)

Bring your favorite power pieces for students!  Dee Fisher will have more suggestions from teachers far and wide.

"Effective Practice Techniques"
May 1 - 9:45am - noon (Hostess: Elesha Wey - Old Barn Out Back)

Paula Deardurff will lead our discussion.  One way to set our students up for successful home practice is to provide them with a variety of practice techniques.  Let's share our favorite practice tips and strategies - our students will reap the benefit!  Lunch at the Old Barn Out Back to follow.

Calendar Overview (2017 - 2018)


5     Middle West District Meeting
30  Duettist Competition registration deadline


3     Middle West District Meeting
12-14  OhioMTA State Conference, Van Wert
28   Ribbon Festival Registration Deadline (to Paula Deardurff)
28   Duettist Competition - Ohio Northern University


7    Middle West District Meeting
18  Ribbon Festival - Bluffton University


6    Middle West District Meeting
17 - 21   MTNA National Conference  Baltimore, Maryland
17   Music Evaluation Day registration deadline
TBA  Buckeye Auditions registration deadline (to Marilyn Alessandrini)


1    Deadline for District Scholarship Application
3   Middle West District meeting
7   Music Evaluation Day
TBA  Buckeye Auditions - OSU/Lima


1  Middle West District Meeting