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Middle West District Programs & Calendar Overview

Programs & Calendar

Middle West District Programs (2022 – 2023)

“Thoughtful Transitions” 
September 6  – 9:45 a.m. – Noon  (Hostess: Elesha Wey)

How do you assess transfer students and help them transition to your studio?  Do you change all their music, or do a little at a time?  How do you handle students who need to “catch up” on concepts?  Discussion led by Paula Deardurff

“The Life of Professor Bernard Kaff”
October 4 – 9:45 am – Noon (Host: Ohio Northern University)

Dr. Casey will report on her fascinating research of this 1905 Czech-born concert pianist who was a casualty of the Holocaust.  This was her sabbatical study, and she was able to find descendants who provided new information on his life and career.  Presenter:  Dr. Rebecca Cassey

“Piano Parent Education”
November 1 – 9:45am – Noon  (Host:  St. Mark’s, Van Wert)

Teaching a young person a musical instrument takes teamwork!  We see them once a week, but what about the other six days?  Discussion will focus on ways to better equip parents to be efficient on their roles as practice partners, reinforcers, organizers, and more!  Discussion led by Elesha Wey.

“Having Fun Teaching Basic Piano Skills”
March 7 – 9:45am – Noon  (Host: Bluffton University)

Dr. Nanyi Quiang from Central State University will provide piano teachers insights on how to use “GarageBand” music to work on basic piano skills, including scales and arpeggios in a fun, engaging way.

“Masterclass led by Dr. Margaret Young”
April 4 – 9:45am – Noon (Host: OSU/Lima)

Come and watch Dr. Young work with selected Elementary and Intermediate students from our area.  Pertinent comments can help us in our teaching at this formative stage in the learning process.

“Sumer Project Ideas”
May 2 – 9:45am – noon (Hostess: Kathy Jendrusik)

Members will share with each other different ideas of what to do with students during summer months to keep them engaged and inspired at all levels.


Calendar Overview (2022-2023)



  6      Middle West District Meeting

20      Duettist Competition Registration Deadline (to Kathy Jendrusik)


   4    Middle West District Meeting

 22   Ribbon Festival Registration Deadline (to Paula Deardurff)

 29   Duettist Competition @ ONU


  1   Middle West District Meeting

19  Ribbon Festival  @ Bluffton University



18    Music Evaluation Day Registration Deadline (to Karen Heath)


1     Buckeye Auditions Registration Deadline

7    Middle West District Meeting

18  Music Evaluation Day – Bluffton University 

25-29 MTNA Conference – Reno, Nevada


1    Deadline for District Scholarship Application

4   Middle West District meeting

22  Buckeye Auditions – OSU/Lima


2  Middle West District Meeting