Programs & Calendar

Middle West District Programs & Calendar Overview


Programs & Calendar

Middle West District Programs (2023 – 2024)

“Piano Maintenance for the Piano Teacher”
September 6   9:45 a.m. – Noon  (Hosts: Krysti & Phil Schey)

Bill Balmer, RPT, will discuss various piano technical information important for teachers and performers to know, including the Kenzoid and how it affects the piano, action regulation and how it improves the piano, and the importance of piano maintenance other than just tuning.

“Hand Health”
October 3  9:45 am – Noon (Host: First Baptist Church, Van Wert)

Repetitive use of hand and arm muscles can cause pain and hamper students’ and teachers’ ability to play the instruments they love. Krista Hoersten, OTR/L, MHS, and Certified Hand Therapist will present ideas and exercises to help treat and prevent hand injuries of musicians and especially pianists.

“How to Enhance Your Teaching through MED”
November 7  9:45am – Noon  (Host:  Krysti & Phil Schey)

​Using the MED booklet requirements, Annette Hoverman will help us learn how to successfully organize your teaching using the requirements listed. Explanations and suggestions at each level of Technique,Theory/Ear Training, Harmonization, and Repertoire will help prepare your students for a successful MED experience!

“Teacher Relaxation, led by Dee Fisher”
March 5  9:45am – Noon  (Host: Dee Fisher @ St. Marks Lutheran Church, Van Wert)

Our students deserve our best selves at their lessons, but it’s difficult to do that living in a stressful world. Learn about simple breathing and focusing
exercises that can make a difference in your teaching life (and student performance nerves).

“Masterclass led by Dr. Rebecca Casey”
April 2  9:45am – Noon (Host: Ohio Northern University)

Come and watch Dr. Casey work with selected Elementary and Intermediate students from our area. Pertinent comments can help us in
our teaching of students at this formative stage in the learning process.

“Music for Our Own Sakes, led by Krysti Schey”
May 7  9:45am – noon (Host: Elesha Wey)

As professional musicians we are often preparing pieces others have requested for events, and helping our students with their pieces. Let’s take some time to rediscover the joy and love of music for ourselves! What is a piece that gives life to your soul when you play it? Whether it’s a new piece you’ve discovered or an old favorite from years ago, brush the dust off a bit and let’s share some beloved music with each other! No need for advanced pieces requiring tons of preparation, and no need for feeling the pressure of polished concert-worthy perfection- in this session, simple and what you are comfortable with right now is perfect. Bring what you’d enjoy sharing!


Calendar Overview (2023-2024)



  5      Middle West District Meeting

30      Duettist Competition Registration Deadline (to Kathy Jendrusik)


 3    Middle West District Meeting

12-14  OhioMTA Conference, Columbus OH

 21   Ribbon Festival Registration Deadline (to Paula Deardurff)

 28   Duettist Competition @ ONU


  7   Middle West District Meeting

18  Ribbon Festival  @ Bluffton University



27   OMEA High School Solo & Ensemble (District 3)


17    Music Evaluation Day Registration Deadline 


5    Middle West District Meeting

16  Music Evaluation Day – Bluffton University

16-20  MTNA Conference – Atlanta GA

23  Buckeye Auditions registration deadline


2   Middle West District meeting

6   OMEA Jr. High Solo & Ensemble (District 3)

20  Buckeye Auditions – OSU/Lima


7    Middle West District Meeting